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2023 was quite a bumper year in terms of launching new projects that are very important to me and close to my heart. In 2024 some of these ideas and dreams will come to fruition. 


I am writing a book, hosting an event and launching an innovative technology with terrific partners and teams – and you can join the journey in various ways. I would be honoured if you would be a part of it with me. Can’t wait,




Three women - different industries, different backgrounds, different countries, and we each agree. Finances shouldn’t be this hard.


WealthiHer is the brainchild of me and my partners Maria Jose Perea Marquez, Tori Jones and myself. 


We are bridging the gap between financial education, community, and financial services so you can fulfil your financial goals and live your (Her) boldest, bravest life imaginable.


There are many ways to get involved.


Follow us on Linkedin here.

Join our journey at whatever level is comfortable for you at our crowdfunding page here


It’s time to write a book. 


I’ve struggled for years with getting this done in the midst of work and running my own businesses, but now I am ready because I have found the right purpose by sharing and shining a spotlight on others' stories as well as my own. 


The topic is similar to the event and technology, women and wealth, not about money, but rather the freedom or lack of freedom we have each experienced. 


For the book, I will be interviewing individuals who have a great “financial” story to tell. Have you built an empire from nothing? Did you have wealth, and then it was taken away, but now you’re back on track? Perhaps you have an uber-healthy relationship with money and would like to share how you do it.

The book aims to inspire and guide others, to help them uncover how to design their life and build their wealth with concrete examples and use cases from other women. 

If you are interested in being interviewed for the book, please reach out to me at: to schedule an interview.


Business as usual.

Speaking and moderating where I can, when I can. 


Workshops, executive coaching and masterminds that deliver accountability and support. 

Learn more here.


If you know me, you know I love organising events and along the same theme as WealthiHer, I believe that helping others to succeed defines my success.


It’s called Wayfinders Summit, and it’s taking place June 14, 2024, in Toulouse, France will do just that.. 


I’m really excited to launch this with two colleagues, Victoria Gibson and Maren Seitz. 


The theme is directed towards women who want to build wealth so they can achieve their dream life. We plan to make it fun, experiential and chocked full of fun. 


One of the key things here is that it’s not just another event. Every speaker topic has a partner activity or masterclass - an immersive experience that will provide instant learnings. 


If you are interested in designing the life you want and want to learn more about how to build that life, then join us for a summit with a twist in a stunning setting.  


Let’s make 2024 our year!

Sign up here.


MAYFLY Retreat Lafrancais 2024

June 5-9 | Time to focus on you. 

Venture to the south of France for an unforgettable experience. Nestled within six hectares of forests and orchards, we'll be staying in a gorgeous eco lodge that is warm, inviting and dedicated to wellbeing. Re-energise with yoga and meditation, and reap the benefits of a vegetarian menu created with local, organic and seasonal products.


We combine nurturing the mind, body and soul, awakening your inner fire to help you break down any barriers that are holding you back from developing and telling your story.

Learn more here.

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