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Motive Structure Analysis MSA®

Understanding intrinsic motivation and energy dynamics



Use the MSA psychometric to understand your intrinsic motivators



In-depth analysis to understand how to motivate your team



Lead by example to inspire your employees and grow your future leaders


every person has

Everyone wants something, and everyone is capable of doing amazing things. Still, we often do not live up to our potential, and thus, we operate and remain far below our potential possibilities.


The MotivStrukturAnalyse MSA® (MSA) is a scientifically German-based personality analysis that shows the individual characteristics of the 18 basic motives. Using these 18 basic motives, the MSA can record and visualise our inner drivers. The MSA reveals and unlocks your potential and helps you understand what drives others. 


The motives are our inner drivers, and they have a significant influence on our perception, our thinking and feeling, our communication, our projections and our behaviour. With the MSA, we know what is important to us and under which conditions we can succeed and be content.

The MSA maps the emotional core of a person's character and clarifies what moves people and sets them in motion. The MSA maps your:

By mapping the motivational values and drives of people, the intrinsic drive and motivational potential of a human being, we can clarify why we act the way we do and what brings us joy.

It’s all about you

Unlike most behavioural or personality tests, the MSA collects previously isolated systems for (ground) motifs in an overall system and so is able to identify the intrinsic driving force behind us. It is the only tool that maps the most complete motivational, values, ​and drive structure of people. 


Whether you are at a crossroads, seeking self-awareness, or merely curious about life and how to live it well, the MSA can help you answer the pertinent questions:

  • What makes you happy?

  • What gives you energy?

  • How can you lead a meaningful life?

  • How can you create a tangible work-life balance?

  • What matters to you, personally and professionally? 

  • How can you motivate others? 

  • How can you inspire others? 

If you know your own motive structure, you are able to use this knowledge to facilitate decision-making in your private and professional life.

The MSA Promise

You will receive actionable information on the things in your life that motivate you and bring you happiness. We will help you progress your personal and professional life so you can make decisions that energise you and improve your well-being. 


Raj uses the MSA to support people across the spectrum of motivation.

The MSA Coaching Options

Step 1

Sign up for the program and pay the fee for access to the asessment loging information

Step 2

Complete the MSA assessment online as instructed, about 20 minutes

Step 3

Book your 1-2-1 coaching session with Raj through the online calendar

Step 4

Receive your 34 page MSA report and the coaching follow up notes



In this session, we dive into the results to identify the internal and external perceptions as well as your professional preferences.

Career Coaching

In this session, we focus on creating balance and a positive work environment, identifying professional preferences to enable you to choose the right role where you can not only succeed but also plan your next steps to achieve your vision.

Mayfly Retreats

Raj conducts the MSA as part of your retreat experience. 
The MSA analysis reveals your energy structures and enhances your self-development and understanding of your motivations with a direct connection to the retreat masterclasses.

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Two MSA Applications


STEP1 | Passion
Love what you do

STEP2 | Purpose

Build a  life plan that creates
balance in your life

STEP3 | Possibility

Apply it to all facets of your life to activate energy and reduce stress


Individuals’ behaviours are most effective when motivations and attitudes are relevant to their professional endeavours.

Live a life of fulfiment

By better understanding what you’re motivated by; you’re better able to eliminate stress, create successful relationships and develop a healthy balance between work and life.

MSA can help you improve:     

  • Individual coaching and personal development

  • Work-life balance

  • Life satisfaction

  • Job satisfaction

  • Career counselling and development

  • Performance optimisation

  • Master communication


STEP1 | Passion
Love what you do.


STEP2 | Purpose
Guide yourself as a leader and help others
to build careers they love

STEP3 | Possibility

Create a ripple effect across your organisation
for sustainable success


Leaders that know what motivates them to make more effective decisions. Effective leadership includes communication, mentoring and team building.

Inspire others to achieve success

Effective and inspirational leadership engages employees, creates efficient and creative teams, and enhances company culture. Employees develop, feel accepted and understood and in turn show more dedication and loyalty.


MSA can help you improve:

  • Candidate screening and personnel selection

  • Commitment and motivation of employees

  • Employee management and employee development

  • Coaching, mentoring and development

  • Team building and development

  • Team communication and conflict resolution

  • Organizational development (corporate culture)

  • Support of change processes


My career was dictated by opportunities that were offered, I never had control over my own career. After continued education, I still couldn’t identify my own value proposition. Where did I add value, and how? What was my main motivation? After completing the Motive Structure Analysis (MSA®), I was able to more clearly create criteria for what energised me, it helped me identify my passion, discover a purpose, and consequently, I was able to open up new possibilities and career options.

I always aim to cultivate strong relationships and provide platforms to enable mutual success for those who want to share their message with, learn from and collaborate with help each other.

As a strategic advisor with over 30 years of experience,  my excitement and passion for the "Future of Work" topics encourage me to help leaders understand how to best leverage their greatest resource - their people.


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Why it matters?

13% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work

47% of employees are likely to look for a new job in the next year

69% of employees who think engagement is a problem in their organisation
Psychometrics Engagement Study

75% of employees don’t quit their job, they quit their boss

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