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Myndset and

A collection of toolkits for LinkedIn, Leadership, and Mindset and more will help to create habits that keep you balanced throughout your day and help you succeed.

Effective leadership of yourself and others requires resilience and a balanced perspective. Let's use the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 to change our relationship with ourselves and the people we lead.

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Three articles to get your started and to gain perspective

Understanding yourself, your motivations, your mindset is crucial to success. Here I share some articles from my Medium page about the impact of anxiety, anger, and vulnerability, as well as tools to manage your reactions. 



Manage your anxiety by gaining an understanding of your circumference of control using the tool: Circle of Concern

vs. Circle of Influence



Manage anger and reactionary behaviour using simple and straightforward steps, with an introduction to: Meditation



Reduce your feeling of vulnerability by systematically breaking down your present circumstances, using the mindset tool: Worst case it

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Raj Hayer is a business consultant and leadership development coach. She began publishing her writing on Medium during the 2020 pandemic, in an effort to share tools and encouragement with others, and inspire their passion, purpose and belief in infinite possibility.

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