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"The future is about creating connections."

How will you make an impact?

How can my community and I help?

Innovation Leadership & Business transformation

Helping You and Your Company Succeed


Ideas. Innovation. Inspiration. But first, coffee.

Connections happen over a cup of coffee, and cultivating strong, authentic relationships, as well as connecting like-minded people, is my passion. As technology and AI become more prevalent in our lives, it is as important as ever to create strong connections that can help propel you towards success, personally and professionally.

Are you striving to add value every single day?

Whether you run a business, lead a team, or are seeking purpose, my companies, my community, and I can help.

Helping Your Business Succeed
For the Business
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TinyBox facilitates cultures of innovation, professional development, and corporate transformation.

We provide tools and systems for technology-driven use cases to help you achieve innovation-driven growth.


Mayfly Maven publishes journals and non-fiction books, using a unique program that gets you from idea to final product within six months.

The Innovator's Journal

by Steven Mc Auley

The Innovator's Journal will help you become an innovator. It will inspire you, it will create clarity, and it will motivate you. It includes 16 challenges to change your mindset, develop new habits, and hone your innovation skills, to prepare you and your company for the future. Become an innovator - start today!

28 Day Reset

by Daniela Exley


The Reset is a cleanse program, which looks beyond the faddy 'detox diet', and works from the root of imbalance to nurture and gently heal your body. Quick and easy to follow recipes and grocery lists (adaptable to vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore diets), nutrition education, stress-reducing techniques, and online support help you achieve and sustain the results.

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Providing tools for individuals to increase self-awareness and well-being is crucial to success. understanding your strengths and how to leverage them, can help you succeed. 

How can you maximize your team's effectiveness?


Ever wondered how to build the best team possible, using modern tools and analytics? Using culture and people analytics it is possible to understand your team and engage them to outperform peers by championing unbiased and diverse ways of thinking. 

Business Partners
Business Partners
Collaboration and Community

Working with the right partners can take your professional work to new heights, and working with creative people who are experts in their fields makes every event and project much more fun and inspirational! 

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Work For Good

Giving back has never been easier. Work For Good helps hundreds of small businesses donate to the charity of their choice.

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Münchner Kaffeerösterei

Coffee connects. The team at Münchner Kaffeerösterei brings people together at corporate events, workshops, trade fairs, and conferences such as Bits & Pretzels and DLD. Premium coffee generates inspired conversation and is a conduit for the exchange of ideas and innovation by building collaborations and partnerships by offering customized branded coffee for clients.

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Frank Höger, RATdesign

A graphic designer for over 15 years, Frank builds brands, from inception to design for all mediums and all channels - print, social media, animation, video, etc. He has worked with all the companies on this page, consistently delivering fresh ideas and inspired design.

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Walter Weber Productions


Walter is a filmmaker, content creator, coach, and speaker, who started out filming weddings and quickly moved into the commercial world. He loves to collaborate with new people and in 2019 alone, he filmed Barack Obama on stage at the Bits & Pretzels conference in Munich and created the Google & TinyBox video "The Future of Retail & AI".

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What is your company's Digital Fitness?

enable2grow GmbH is a well-oiled network of entrepreneurs and experts, providing growth strategies and sustainable success to their clients.

The "Digital Fitness Index" collects your employee's knowledge of digital transformation and leverages that to create a tailor-made plan for you, to ensure your continued success. 

Imagine the world in 2030
...then create it

Using the connection between innovation, sustainability, and profit, Sharkbite delivers business models with a positive impact and real purpose for everyone. 

Raj Hayer

Leader. Advisor. Nomad.


I am a freelance consultant, advising on strategies for market entry, business development, and communications, but my primary role is as a serial entrepreneur working with great business partners.

Leveraging over 28 years of experience in management roles, team development, and leadership coaching, I am driven to see people and businesses succeed. My excitement and passion for "Future of Work" topics, and the impact that technology and AI can have on our everyday working lives, has encouraged me to help leaders understand how to best leverage their greatest resource - their people. Simply by understanding the cognitive and cultural diversity of individuals and teams, and leveraging the diversity of experience, can increase innovation within any organization. These companies also give me the chance to work with talented people on similar journeys. I am honored to work with authentic businesses, run by people with integrity, delivering unique propositions, incredible products, and achieving sustainable results.

GEMBA (Uni of St. Gallen), MBA (Uni of Toronto), BCom (Uni of Royal Roads), PMP & MSA Certified

Born in England, with Indian ancestry, a naturalized Canadian, and currently living between London, England, and Munich, Germany

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