My team and I strive to bring together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders in a safe and inspirational space to share concepts and ideas, increase support and wellbeing, and expand creativity and collaboration.



All our members offer value through professional education, business advice, and workshops.



We nurture the body as well as the mind through healthy nutrition and physical wellbeing.



Set in a beautiful and inspirational setting to help our creativity and integration of ideas.

A new concept for workspace is required.

People of all generations are becoming nomadic, working around the world and pursuing their dreams and enjoying newfound flexibility and freedom. The ability to have that freedom radically diminishes the feeling of community and we crave a community of like-minded people to connect with, to receive feedback and guidance to drive continued success.


The Mastermind Retreats solve this problem.

Providing a space close to home, that functions as a cross between retreat and co-work space, where structured Mastermind sessions allow people to continue on their journey to pursue their business dreams, whilst they regain their balance, health and energy.

The Mastermind Retreats accelerate the creative journey - with an aligned community and “collective mind” - faster than we can when we travel alone.




People talk about networks being vital for success, but networking has become synonymous with “what can you do for me?” instead of “what can we do to help each other?”  The mutual success of your colleagues is inherent in a true “community”.

The retreats are a foundation for people coming together physically, mentally, and emotionally, because they have the same view of life, want to share their knowledge, and their interests, and believe that a collective mind is more beneficial to success than working alone.

As founders and leaders, we have found ourselves craving a retreat and support in equal measure. We have built a network that is truly aligned to our goals and needs, now we are providing the space to cross-collaborate and help everyone succeed.



We are determined to keep on refining and customizing our retreats to meet your needs. Please take two to three minutes to answer a few questions and help us build the perfect retreat for you and our community.


We also  customize retreats based on demand.

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Raj Hayer | Business & Strategy

Raj is a strategy expert (MBA, GEMBA, BCom, PMP & MSA) leveraging over 30 years of experience in management roles, team development, and leadership coaching, she focuses on communications and professional education. Raj is driven to help people and businesses succeed, bringing together networks for mutual success.

TinyBox Academy | Mayfly Maven

Simone Smith | Communications & Therapy

Simone is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (BA Hons Dip Couns Dip Hyp MNCS) with extensive experience in helping professionals unblock communications to prevent past traumas interfering with current possibilities. She diligently advocates for those who seek their own truth through psychological and transpersonal exploration.

Choice Counselling​​

Laura Schulte | Business & Leadership

Laura is a leadership coach (BA, Global MBA) with unique experience as a startup-to-IPO executive, award-winning business editor, and B2B content strategist, Laura provides Go To Market strategies for tech innovators. She helps visionary leaders accelerate the route to success with narratives that win the trust and shortcut complexity. 

Project Renaissance Innovation Advisory

Melanie Hoffmann | Business & Yoga

Melanie is a strategy expert (TU, Yoga Dipl) with over 15 years in the media and digital industry with customers and digital topics. She supports analytics and strategic challenge for business. She is also the founder of Hey Dear Mind giving relaxed and dynamic yoga classes combining the philosophical background of yoga with meditative elements of Yoga.

Customer Delight | Hey Dear Mind

Daniela Exley | Health & Nutrition

Daniela is a naturopathic nutritionist (Dip CNM) and a professional photographer (BaHons). Food is central to all lives and as such, it should be treated with utmost gratitude and appreciation. She inspires people to re-discover the healing potential of their own bodies.

Beets Pulse & Thyme

Michelle McKenzie | Health & Nutrition

Michelle studied human nutrition (BSc) and as an avid researcher, she keeps up to date with the ever-changing world of health and nutrition and provides evidence-based consultations. "I don’t believe in following the latest fad diet or any diet for that matter. I promote real food, fat and all.”

Michelle McKenzie Nutrition

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