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 LinkedIn is the largest online professional networking platform in the world.
What does your profile say about you? 

Why you need to be on LinkedIn? 

Because 30 million companies are on LinkedIn, along with 20 million open job listings

How can you get attention?

By being active on the platform like the other 260 million monthly active users

How can you stand out? 

By optimising your profile first

How can you get to expert level?


By sharing content to compete with the other 3 million share their content on a weekly basis and get 9 billion impressions every week.

Why does your profile needs to be optimised first?


So you can stand out from 575 million users

If you want to create a strong digital footprint and a personal brand, LinkedIn is the place to do it.

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Raj is a business consultant and leadership development coach. She began publishing her writing on Medium during the 2020 pandemic, in an effort to share tools and encouragement with others, and inspire their passion, purpose, and belief in infinite possibility.

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